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We are an authorized dealer of StarMark Cabinets; go to AAA Cabinets to see the discounts you can receive for your Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Additions.


product image product image Not only are these bathrooms handicap accessible, they are elegant and NEW to Denver. We are the exclusive AKW dealer of these products in the Denver Metro area. These bathrooms are a European style waterproof wet room shower system with curb-less shower pan. Because we are an authorized dealer, and the system saves one to two days in work time, we can offer these showers for extreme savings! This system has been in Europe for over 30 years but has just now made it to the U.S. When you want to remodel your bathroom, why not go ahead and make your bathroom handicap accessible for peace of mind!


product image The kitchen is where your family meets to reflect on the day, so why not make it your favorite room. Similar to other room remodels, the price of a new kitchen will vary according to the size, the condition of the electrical, the plumbing, the walls, and the subfloor, and based on the finishing touches that you choose. Because AAA Taurus Construction is a leading provider of StarMark Cabinets, we will save you money on your cabinetry needs. We can sell the cabinets only or we can completely remodel the kitchen for you. We do carry other brands of cabinets, but Starmark is our favorite. We also carry a wonderful wholesale line of sinks and faucets that are very unique! Not only are these products high quality but they are made in the United States backed with excellent warranties.
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product image The bathroom for many people is a "spa away from the spa". It's where you go to rewind from the stresses of everyday life. Just like the kitchen, the price of a new bathroom will vary. Bathrooms tend to have underlying or unexpected damage. For instance, water can penetrate under a drain, behind walls, or under the flooring, and decay can spread quickly. All of these factors determine the cost of a new bathroom.
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product image AAA Taurus Construction has an in-house architect who can design in such a way that all of your neighbors will be in awe!
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product image Have you outgrown the size of your home? In this housing market, many homeowners are choosing to add on to the square footage instead of trying to sell and move. We, at AAA Taurus Construction, can provide the extra living space you need.
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product image
It's time to start putting money back in your own pockets! A great way to do this is by installing energy-efficient, vinyl windows in your home. You could see savings of up to 50% on your energy bill. Installing new windows adds to the value and appearance of your home. We, at AAA Taurus Construction, provide Amerimax Energy-efficient Windows. Amerimax windows are made IN Colorado to withstand Colorado's high altitude and extreme weather conditions. They are maintenance free, easy to clean, come in a variety of colors, and are custom made for a tight fit in any shape. AND they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE covering everything from the frames to the screens--no exceptions.
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product image Need to re-purpose that attached garage for more practical uses? We, at AAA Taurus Construction, can convert your garage into a useful, functional living space, and no one will know it was once a garage.
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